Zirconium Crowns

A light transmittance allowing the natural appearance to the teeth. Metal - being light refraction due to the sub-structure metal on ceramic crowns and teeth appear dull. Zirconium appearance of teeth for crowns opaque property is close to natural teeth are away from the artificiality.
Metal supported porcelain can form a dark line on the gums time.
Zirconium Dental, many years constitute a more natural look while maintaining the integrity of the gums.


Having gathered Zirconia crowns for durability and aesthetics in recent years is preferred. Zirconium crowns has many advantages compared to metal-ceramic crowns:

○ With light transmission, especially in front of a natural tooth, requiring aesthetic Zirconium image serves. If you made a complete aesthetic result, metal-ceramic crowns on how well done it may be difficult to achieve.

○ In metal-ceramic crowns are made of mechanical cementation. In dual zirconium crowns mechanical or chemical adhesive called cement are used. wherein the increasing conservatism down the thread breakage is not encountered as bad surprise.

○ Used in the building sub-ceramic porcelain in metal nickel, cause allergic reactions in some patients may is. Materials used in the zirconium is fully consistent with tissue in the mouth.

○ Dark boundary line at the tooth-gum may be present in the metal-ceramic porcelain Zirconium not visible in the crown.

○ In cases where the gingival recession metal-ceramic crowns are creating a bad image zirconium crowns is not such a risk in question.