Significantly fill our rotten, worn, discolored, small-short, broken, gaping, crooked teeth, prison / position / shape and symmetrical particles. Esthetic dentistry practices allow the person to have healthy and esthetic teeth.

Esthetic dentistry applications include Orthodontic Treatment, Whitening, Composite (Bonding) Applications, gingival enlargement and implant treatments with Porcelain Lamina, Zirconium, Laser.

Esthetic Dentistry deals not only with the aesthetics of the teeth, but also with the color and shape of the gum health (dark spots in brunettes), gingival recession, lip shape and the general appearance of the face. Our team works with the principle of multidisciplinary, consultative and holistic approach for further smile designs.

Do not forget that the interventions made on the teeth and surrounding tissues affect the smile, facial aesthetics, psychology (morale) and social communication of the person. We need healthy and natural teeth and gums for a confident smile.


- Dark teeth                                                                            Crowded and misaligned teeth

- Small, short and broken teeth                                             Inability of the upper teeth to meet the lower teeth

- Intermittent teeth (Diastema)                                               Decayed teeth

- Shape arrangements of gingiva                                          Worn and sensitive teeth with 'gingival recession'

- Removal of dark brown spots on the gums                         Regulation of lips and smile lines

- Excessive appearance of gums (Gummy Smile)                Lack of teeth


+ Teeth Whitening                      + Composite Veneer (Bonding)

+ Porcelain laminate                  + Zirconium

+ Digital Orthodontics                + Implant

+ Laser Application                    + Botolinum Toxin


○ Conformity of Horizontal Planes

○ Smile Line

○ Your gender and tooth shape:

     IN WOMEN The corners of the teeth are more rounded. The smile line is curved upwards.

     IN MEN Teeth are more angular. Laughing line is straighter

Smile symmetry: The midline of the teeth is parallel and straight with the lip and nose tip, providing an aesthetic smile.

The order of your teeth: The positions of the teeth affect the aesthetics of the smile.

○ Spaced teeth

Teeth Colors: Light-colored teeth make the person look healthier and younger.

Length of the teeth: Short teeth make the patient look older. Enlarging the teeth makes the patient's smile more pronounced. In particular, the extension of the anterior two incisors increases the dynamics of the patient and rejuvenates the person.

The health of the gums and the amount of appearance: Excessive appearance of the gums can disrupt the aesthetics of smiling.

○ Shape and thickness of your lips

○ Nose shape

Golden ratio: It is the mathematical expression of the ratio between the teeth. If the width of the front two teeth is accepted as 100, the width of the teeth next to them should be 60. The visible surface of the following teeth should be 60% of the previous one. It has been determined that a beautiful smile can be obtained when this ratio is provided.