Prof.Dr.Arzu Aykor and Dr.Okan Acar's team; It works with a multidisciplinary approach that uses digital printing and evaluates oral and dental health holistically.

Prodenta teams consist of two professors and twelve experts from different branches.

In my clinic, all branches (implant, aesthetic dentistry, orthodontics, pediatric dentistry, jaw surgery applications, jaw traumas and treatment, etc.) provide a special service for you.

Digital aesthetic dentistry, laser technology, advanced surgery and implants and digital orthodontics were distributed in our institution.

Our Vision
It is an institution that provides a holistic diagnosis and services by using all the knowledge and possibilities of modern dentistry.
Our Mission
Being an institution that takes oral and dental inspections to the highest level, provides employees, patient needs, children and wings, provided by up-to-date science.
Health Tourism Authorization
Prodenta Oral and Dental Health Clinic is an institution that has the “Health Tourism Authorization Certificate.
Our slogan
''Life Is Beautiful When You Smile''