Cad-cam dentistry Cad-cam stands for, computer aided design and computer aided manufacturing. When the dentist prepares the teeth, she takes an impression to send it to the lab, so that the lab can design and manufacture restorations suitable for the patients oral structure and esthetics. Using the highly technological cadcam devices, the dentist scans the prepared teeth. the device generates a 3D model, and designs a restoration not only suitable for the preparation, but also very accurate about the size, form and esthetics. The technology is beneficial either for single tooth restorations, or full mouth rehabilitations. When a 3D model is made, the software biocopies the conugate tooth form and shape.

It generates restorations in accordance with the rest of the teeth. When the design is finished, the software sends it to the manufacturing part of the device. Porcelain (or other hybrid material) blocks are grinded with burrs to make out the designed restoration. If needed, the dental technician then adds or removes porcelain to gain wanted esthetics. Cad-cam technology shortens the appointments with the dentist, enables the restoration to be finished in less number of appointments. Since the dentist doesnt take an impression with the conventional material, no material or stone models are used, a single or multiple restoration can be started and finished in the same day.