Aphthous ulcers can be seen in individuals of all ages, mostly seen in the oral mucosa, soft palate, pharynx and the tongue. It may be described as a white round lesion surrounded by reddish ulcerated soft tissue. 

Frequent stress, insomnia and fatigue may cause ulcers to appear. Influenza infections or irritations in the oral mucosa due to biting, may also cause these lesions. However, it is not proven if the lesions are caused by the bacteria or the virus itself, or because the immune system was compromised. The dentist would evaluate the lesions and either treat them with dental lasers, reccomend local pomads or decide to recall the patient in some frequencies. 

Aphtous ulcers generally heal in 7-10 days without treatment. The medication or treatment the dentist applies, may reduce the pain, speech and swallowing difficulties.